Tailgating Tigers Moved To Facebook

The DePauw Tailgating Blog has moved to Facebook.    The group page is "Depauw Tiger Football". 



GENERAL INFO: Despite the major loss of our graduated parent leaders the past few years, Tailgating 2011 is right around the corner and we can’t wait to meet all the new families and build new relationships. For those that are new, we tailgate in the same best traditions of other college and professional teams - pre and post game. We start early for those that can make it and go all the way to after the game when the playing Tigers joining us for food, drink and fellowship, win or lose, as we build the Football Tiger Nation Spirit. ALL are welcomed to participate and add your special touches to our growing ritual.

WHERE: Blackstock Stadium, upper lot right next to the stadium. Several years ago a special tradition was started called the “back row”. Along the south side of this upper lot is a grassy area that has become a common, shared tailgating area. In this common area, everyone brings dishes/foods to share. There are tables and some pop-up tents and there are always several grills available to cook your favorite meats. Note - the whole lot is available to tailgate and many choose to have their own tailgates/traditions. That is more than welcomed and we do not want to discourage in any way. However, for those that want an opportunity to bond and build new relationships and want to be part of the larger DePauw football family we encourage you, your families and friends to join us in the “back row”.

WHO: Tiger parents, families and friends. ALL are always welcomed. Don’t allow the size of your entourage from discouraging your participation or joining the “back row”. No group or individuals are too small or too large to join in the festivities. The more the merrier actually!!!

WHEN: Breakfast starts around 8:30 on game day. We know that the morning is dictated by your travel and arrival time. Show-up when you can and enjoy the tailgate environment as we get ready to root on our favorite Tigers. Somewhere around 10:00-10:30 we switch to the lunch menu.

TIGER WALK: One of the most special moments during your time at DePauw is being a part of Tiger Walk. About 10:30, the team walks from campus to the stadium together with the coaches and team managers. We break from our tailgating activities to cheer our Tigers. We are always looking to build on this tradition. Look for updates and more info in the blog. If you can make it by 10:30, the boys greatly appreciate our greetings. This is a special time that you will cherish!

WHAT’S NEEDED: We recommend you bring lawn chairs, fold up tables - especially for the buffet line, your “supplied” coolers, and general picnic wares. As stated earlier, there are usually several tailgating grills, but we can use more and all are welcome to help with the cooking. Bring bags/corn holes, rings or other games to play.

PITCH IN ITEMS: If you want to be part of the “back row”, we encourage you to share your specialty. Please bring an item or two to share and if you need to cook or heat something, ask one of the chefs to fire it up or take over so they can refill!! Typical items in the past have been breakfast casseroles, donuts, rolls, fruits, bloody Mary mix, mimosas, deer sausage, etc. for breakfast. Burgers, brats, hors devourers, salads, veggies, dips, etc and of course, your favorite beverages for bulking up before the battle begins at 1:00 PM. Don't forget to bring enough for after the game, as well.

HALF TIME: Some of us reconvene at the tailgate to discuss 2nd half strategies with each other and rehydrate for the second half.

POST GAME: After the team sings to us in celebration of their victory and we get-in our hugs, we head back out to fire up the grills and get ready for the boys to join us. The tailgating encore usually involves more burgers, brats, chicken and meat dishes. Bring your son’s favorites and some to share. For our far away travelers, we are happy to cook your meats and share our grills. Our young warriors are permitted to engage in the bubbly (age and parent restrictions applicable), but water and other hydrating drinks are encouraged, as well.

SUMMARY: Our tailgates are a great way to socialize and celebrate with your sons and the other members of the DePauw Football Family. The Tailgate usually concludes by dusk… or moves to another location!

New Tailgate organizer and Blog Meister, Linda and Ed Brown
Parents of Senior Lewis #74

Email: LPBrown@semprautilities.com

2012 Tailgating Tigers Blogging

Welcome to the 2012 Season of Tailgating Tigers Football Blogging. This is our fifth year for offering what we hope is a convenient means parents 5to communicate with other parents and for coaches to communicate with parents. Based on feedback the past few seasons, many have found it to be a valuable source for learning about the DePauw Football experience, sharing information, uploading pictures, etc. Our goal is simple – to enhance and build on the already great spirit we call the DePauw Football Nation.

A blog is different from a normal website in that it is intended to not only convey information and contain valuable links similar to a web page, but should be thought of as a chronologically ordered listing of information that all can share to announce events, action plans and keep everyone up to date with the daily and weekly happenings surrounding the DePauw football program.

For our new freshman parents, we know how hard it is to obtain information from our son’s. They can talk like great spokesmen until we ask them a question. Then - they know nothing. Other times, they just don’t know what we think they should know. We hope that you will use this Blog to fill in the missing/absent information that you want and need to know about being a DePauw football parent.

As a Tailgating Tigers blog user everyone can inform/provide information for tailgating; i.e. what you are bringing; and where to meet; when you will arrive; chat about the game; as well as provide info about other worthy events associated with DePauw and the football program; and post pictures to share.

We only have one rule – stay positive. This is not a place to discuss playing time, frustrations with coaches or other parents/players. We want to build on the best parts of the DePauw football experience. We want to build spirit, not tear it down.

The Blog is a living document that will constantly change as we learn all the team members’ names, the team’s travel plans and can update player/parent pictures. New postings will occur weekly as the season progresses.

We hope you have fun with this and enjoy the ride!!!!

The navigation is fairly simple:
Topic-specific buttons are clearly labeled on the right side of the Home Page and have many of the links you may want including DePauw's website, conference schools, etc. You reply to any Post entry by clicking the Comment and typing in your response. To make page loading easier, pictures will be uploaded to PhotoBucket, but is done through the blog. Uploading and Reviewing pictures are all linked directly by logging into this blog-site with one universal password that is always displayed: tigers. There is a chat box available that works similar to instant messaging services.

These are some basics to get going. We hope that this tool will be a centralized source for all of our DePauw football family to stay in touch and share with one another.

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!


Banquet Update

This years award banquet will be held in the Union Building in the ballroom this coming Saturday at 3 p.m.    Cost is $20 per person (excluding team members).   This is a wonderful event and a time to support all your son's hard work and accomplishments.    Please RSVP to Ginny Jersey at 765-658-4934.


Annual Banquet - Hold the Date



Inn at DePauw

There will be more details to follow but please plan to join the players, coaches and families for this annual event to recognize the team and players accomplishments this season.  



Congratulations to the players and coaches for a great win against the playoff bound Albion team.  And now it is time to BRING BACK THE BELL TO GREENCASTLE.   
For those attending the Monon game for the first time it isn’t business as usual.  This is by far the best game of the year – the longest standing D3 college football rivalry. 
Kickoff is set for 1:07 p.m.  The game will be seen nationally on HDNet.  On game day, gates open at 11:30 a.m. and the Blackstock parking lot will open to the public at 9 a.m. There will be a $5 cash fee for parking in the Blackstock lot.  For more details on where to park motor homes, etc., please see the DePauw website. 
We strongly encourage everyone to get there early.  This is the one game of the year where parking is at a premium.  A few of the back row regulars will be arriving early to get the party rolling. 
If anyone is looking to buy or sell tickets, or needs lodging, the blog below is a great way to communicate with other DePauw fans.



Coach Long has asked that all parents be lined up near the 50 yard line at 12:40 p.m.  The senior players will be entering from the southwest end to meet up with their parents.  See everyone on Saturday.  If you have any questions please feel free to give Linda (858.349.3877) or Ed (691.307.1610) a call.



Congratulations to the Tigers for an impressive win in Texas.  Our boys played tough and showed a lot of heart and passion in the game.  The Tiger fight song is music to the ears!  

This season has had more than enough injuries!  We hope that Ethan is recovering and look forward to seeing him and his family this week-end!  Our prayers go out to those players battling injuries and hope that everyone is healthy for the Monon game next week.  

Now on to business for this week.  DePauw will be hosting the Albion Britons.   We hope everyone can make it to the game. Our players need us to be loud and proud.  We hope EVERYONE will join us at the “backrow” for some pregame tailgating and light libations.  The current Greencastle weather forecast predicts partly sunny skies and a high of 61 degrees.  

Please remember to bring some canned goods to support the Tiger’s food drive.     

Senior Day – This Saturday is also Senior Day with approximately 20 graduating players and their parents being recognized prior to the 1:00 start time.  
It is time to show our appreciation for our Senior players and parents. Four years of hard work and love of DePauw football are nearly completed.  It seems like it all started yesterday!  Thank you Seniors for your dedication, leadership and being wonderful mentors to the underclassmen. Although coach has not provided the final details yet, based on prior years, announcements will start about 12:45. Players meet their parents in the SW corner of the track (where the team enters the field) at 12:40. If details change, we will update the blog.

To honor our Seniors and their parents, we need to end our tailgating activities earlier than normal to be in the stands no later than 12:45. It would be a wonderful tribute to our Seniors if all underclassmen football parents and family members could be in the stands early for this special occasion to help welcome the Seniors, greeting them with a rousing chorus of appreciative cheers.


Austin Tailgating Update

We just were informed that it is Austin's homecoming. The Roos have reserved a dedicated spot for Tiger tailgaters. It is at an the intersection of Brocket and Porter. There should be a roped off area for us. It is southwest of the stadium next to their practice field. Call us if you have any questions.




Congratulations to the players and coaches for an impressive win against Ohio Wesleyan last week.  The  fight song never sounded so good.  It was sure good to see so many smiles.  This week brings us to Austin College to face the Roos and also will mark the end of the 2011 road trips.   As of yet there are no organized plans for Friday or Saturday evening.  For those that are interested in getting together please respond to this post.

Tailgating will be in the main parking lot – the first fans there should pick the best spot and proudly display the black and gold. 


Tickets for the Monon Bell game go on sale tomorrow morning.   Each player is allocated four tickets.  If you need more tickets they need to be purchased on-line.  Please visit the DePauw website for more details.  The game has sold old in the past so everyone is encouraged to purchase tickets early. 

FOOD DRIVE  - November 4th

A food drive has been organized for the November 4th home game.  All donations will be brought to the local food pantry in Greencastle.  The coaches and players have asked for donations.  Suggested food items to bring include canned vegetables, can fruit, pork and beans, macaroni and cheese, individual cereals, large boxes of cereals, canned meat, spaghetti and sauces, noodles, rice, soups.  Thanks in advance for your contributions.